Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated on Wednesday that the upcoming Tata semiconductor facility worth Rs 27,000 crore will place the state on the global semiconductor map. He emphasized that this development will significantly alter the economic situation in eastern India.

Mr. Sarma mentioned that the Tata semiconductor factory in Jagiroad, Morigaon, is poised to make a significant impact on the global semiconductor manufacturing scene. Following a meeting with Mr. Tata and Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran in Mumbai, he expressed confidence that this development will not only enhance East India’s standing but also reshape the region’s economic dynamics.

Game Changing Investment

Sarma hailed Ratan Tata, the Emeritus Chairman of Tata Sons, and N Chandrasekaran, the Chairman, for establishing the semiconductor facility, the foundation of which was recently laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sarma was in Mumbai.

“I want to thank Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. N Chandrasekaran on behalf of the people of Assam for their incredible trust and confidence in our state to undertake this massive, game-changing investment. We’re looking forward to releasing the first chips by 2025,” Mr. Sarma said on X, while tagging Mr. Tata and Mr. Chandrasekaran in photos.

Mr. Sarma also mentioned the establishment of a skill development center during the conference. This center will be located on the premises of the semiconductor facility in Jagiroad, Morigaon.

How did Himanta Sarma secure a game-changing investment from Ratan Tata?

Through skillful bargaining, Himanta Sarma convinced Ratan Tata to make a ground-breaking investment. He presented Assam as the perfect place to invest, highlighting the state’s highly qualified people, welcoming business environment, and bright future in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, Sarma developed a close bond with Tata and his group, which probably contributed to the development of trust and faith in Assam’s potential. Sarma may also have given Tata incentives or guarantees, indicating the government’s desire to see the project through to completion. Ratan Tata was persuaded to make such a large investment in Assam thanks in large part to Sarma’s strategic leadership and approach.

What strategies did Himanta Sarma use to express gratitude to Ratan Tata?

Himanta Sarma used a number of techniques to thank Ratan Tata. First of all, he thanked Tata directly, expressing his gratitude and respect for Assam. Sarma most likely underlined the importance of Tata’s investment and its beneficial effects on the growth of the state.

Another strategy Himanta Sarma might have used is to emphasize the gratitude of the broader Assamese community towards Ratan Tata. He would likely highlight Tata’s significant role in empowering local communities and driving the state’s economic growth. This approach helps to underscore Tata’s positive impact beyond just the business realm, showcasing his contributions to the overall well-being and development of Assam.

Finally, Himanta Sarma might have taken additional steps to show appreciation, like presenting symbolic gifts or extending invitations to events. These gestures would serve as tangible expressions of Assam’s gratitude towards Ratan Tata for his investment. Such actions help reinforce the sincerity of Assam’s appreciation and strengthen the partnership between Tata and the state.


The meeting between Himanta Sarma and Ratan Tata, where Sarma expressed gratitude for what he termed as a “game-changing investment,” suggests a significant development or contribution from Tata Group in a project or initiative within Sarma’s purview. The nature of this investment could be diverse, spanning sectors such as infrastructure, technology, or social welfare, among others. This meeting likely signifies the acknowledgment and appreciation by Sarma of Tata Group’s contribution towards the development or progress of a specific endeavor, potentially having wide-reaching implications for the region or industry involved.


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